Sink Installation

Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bar Sink Installs

Here at Midwest Marble & Granite in Kansas City, we like to pride ourselves in (for the most part) being a one-stop-shop for home owners who want to update their kitchen and/or bathroom(s). One of the items we can help make a selection on as well as install is sinks. Recently, we have experienced opportunities where we have needed to find the perfect kitchen sink. Not many people think that much about a kitchen sink when they want an estimate done. What is on the top of their minds at the time is the material selection for the countertops. Understandably so.

We can basically get a hold of any sink that a customer wants or, at the very least, a sink that is similar. I’m sure you ware asking yourself, “Why are they blogging about a freakin sink?” It may seem minuscule in the grand scheme of things but making a sink selection (especially for the kitchen) is actually a fairly important decision to make, notably if the kitchen is going to be used a lot.

Determining factors that can help guide someone to the right sink selection for their kitchen includes (but not limited to): price, design, functionality, appearance, measurements of the sink compared to the sink cabinet, etc. It may not sound like a bathroom vanity sink is as hard of a decision to make…and it really isn’t. Some determining factors for a vanity sink can include: shape, topmount/undermount, size, etc.

To be honest, as a fabricating company, we can make the cutout for any sink someone wants to put in their house. We prefer the customer choose the sink that they truly want because they are the ones who will be using the sink.

If you need any help choosing a sink, the sink section of our website can be helpful.

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