Selecting your edge profiles for countertops

Choosing edge profiles for countertops can be a challenging decision that is not always at the forefront when planning.  An edge profile should coordinate with the space of the project. For

countertop edge profiles

Edge profile for Countertops

example, if you are remodeling your kitchen with granite countertops and you have square cabinets with a shake-style cabinet design, an eased or half bull nose edge may look the best because of the straight, simple lines in the room and in the cabinetry. A fancy edge would not look as nice because it would look out of place in a more simple room. It is sort of silly to think about sometimes but you really do want the edge profile to coordinate with the shape and design of the space.

A custom edge profile can really make a difference in creating a truly extraordinary statement. Our skilled technicians have been known to produce the best edge-work in the Kansas City area. Fabricating edges is where they can truly show their craftsmanship. Some of the edge profiles that we offer include: eased, half and full bullnose, small and large bevel, ogee and many more. To get a better idea of what these different edges look like, please see our edge profile page.