[su_spoiler title=”Do you have to seal granite?” style=”fancy”]

Most of the granite slabs today get a resin coating at the processing plant. By the time it gets to your home, it already has a good seal on it. Sometimes when we process it in our shop, we find that some slabs don’t have as good of a seal on them. When we see this, we seal the counters for you before or during the install. We recommend that you seal your granite countertops once a year, just in case; but if you don’t want to seal it because you think it has a good seal coat on it, checking it may not be a bad idea. Take some water and pour it on the counter, wait 30 min, then wipe it off. If the water soaks in (darkens that spot) then it needs a seal. Don’t let your granite countertops stain because it may be nearly impossible to get the stain out.

We sell a cleaner/maintainer called Supreme Surface for $20. It is awesome stuff because it seals it as you clean the stone.

[su_spoiler title=”How do I prepare for the template and install?” style=”fancy”]

To prepare for the template, we just need the countertops to be completely clear. How we template is by laying down strips of coroplast plastic, cutting it to the sizes we need, and gluing the plastic pieces together to make a replica of your current countertop. We mark on the plastic strips where your sink goes, where your cooktop goes (if you have one), where the seam will go (if there is one), and any measurements that need to be taken off or added.

To prepare for the install, we need everything cleared off the existing countertops (if we are doing the tear-out) and it is helpful if the top drawers are taken out as well. Everything will need to be cleared out of the sink base cabinet too. For more information on what to do after the installation, please see our blog post “Kansas City Granite Countertops Install – Now What?”.

[su_spoiler title=”Will I need to give the faucet to Midwest Marble & Granite before installation? ” style=”fancy”]

No. You will need to have your faucet there when we are installing the granite but we do not need possession of the faucet before then. We will drill the holes on site for your faucet, so you can direct us in how many holes to drill and where to drill them.

[su_spoiler title=”Do you offer financing?” style=”fancy”]

We recently acquired the ability to offer financing for customers. This is something that has been in the works for a while and we decided to go with a service called eFinancing Solutions. For financing, please click here or call 800-728-9585. The link will take you to an application to apply for financing.

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