En Suite Master Bath Countertop Upgrade

Last year we completed a vanity install, which we don’t normally get a before and after story from….we normally have a kitchen before and afters to share. We love seeing ALL of the before and after photos from any project that we contribute to, so this one was another fun one for us to visually see the change. The customer had recently purchased a home that had a very large master vanity with cultured marble countertops.

Cultured Marble Countertop Upgrade

Out with the old, in with the GRANITE!

Cultured marble countertops for vanities are very standard for us to upgrade. A lot of builders in the past 30 years or so would have cultured marble installed because it was cost-effective and convenient at the time. Nowadays, the same can be said for granite. A lot of builders/contractors will now provide the option of which countertop material the homeowner wants to have installed. Choices are fun!

There are A LOT of homes that have had cultured marble or laminate vanity countertops that homeowners would love to update to granite.

Azul Platino Granite…Good Choice

The customer chose a lovely color of granite called Azul Platino.

It looks amazing with the features they chose to go with it. Many times, customers will make a granite color choice based on everything else that is already or will be going into the space (lights, mirrors, faucet, hardware, appliances, etc). In our opinion, it should be the other way around because the granite countertop will be one of the biggest purchases to go into the space. All the fixtures should complement the countertop. I wish that I had a master bathroom this nice.

The customer really took their time and made a great choice in the countertops (as well as all the other fixtures) and we were very happy to help them along the way.

See the before and after master bathroom countertop upgrade pictures below.

Before   After

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