Happy New Year!

It’s a new year and (for many people) that means a time for a new you. Resolutions are made. Goals are created. Vacations are starting to be planned as well as any home projects for the year. At Midwest Marble & Granite, we continue to make yearly goals and resolutions. To share a few (and to be absolutely honest), we are resolving to create less mistakes and one of our goals is to continue to create lasting relationships with our amazing customers. No one is perfect, mistakes do happen…we understand that. However, if we could make less mistakes, then we are on the right track to achieving some of our goals. We have big plans this year as a business and we are going to try to do everything in our power to make these plans a reality.

On another note, for many people, a new year means a new you. In some ways, that means a personality update or creating a plan to make new memories (i.e. travel). For others, that means losing some extra holiday pounds from Christmas and the New Year. At MWM&G, that also means “trimming the fat” so to say. In other words, we have a lot of granite, quartz, and marble remnants that we are pushing to get out the door because we have overgrown our work space here at the shop. We have neighbors who need part of the parking lot too you know?! We have a few sale racks as well for small vanity tops. If we are already hired on to complete a kitchen countertop project, we will gladly sell a vanity off of the sale rack for $250 without backsplash and with a sink. The vanity can be up to 42″ for that sale price. All other remnants are sold at a square footage price.