Kitchen Visualizer Guide by MS International

Reasons to use the Visualizer

We get super excited when we talk about the kitchen visual guide on our website for a few reasons. First, the guide was shared to us from MS International (MSI), which is an amazing granite, quartz, and backsplash tile supplier here in the Kansas City area. MSI is one of the suppliers that we refer our customers over to in order for them to pick the slabs of material that will go in their house. Second, the guide helps tremendously with projects where the end vision is hard to see during the process. We have some customers who have a difficult time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with their kitchen remodels and/or updates. The visualizer is a great tool to help not only our customers but anyone thinking about changing their kitchen project.

How the Guide Works

It is located here on our website. Start by choosing the layout that is closest to your kitchen. The cabinet colors can be changed to the color of choice (i.e. black, white, cherry, honey, espresso, etc) or to the existing cabinet color. The floor tile can also be changed to either an existing similar floor tile or to a desired floor tile. The backsplash tile can be changed to various different patterns, sizes, and shapes. Natural stone and/or quartz are the two categories to select for countertops. Not every color of granite is going to be in the countertop selections (just like not every cabinet, backsplash, and floor tile) because there are new and changing colors almost every day. This is just to give you an idea of the color tones you may want to use for the surfaces in your kitchen.

What’s in Style

The current trend for this year has been a combination of dark floors, dark (or white) cabinets, white countertops as well as white backsplashes. The floors have consisted of dark hard wood. Cabinets have either been extremely dark brown (i.e. espresso) or white (any shade). The most popular countertop has been a white/light granite that either resembles marble or has some sort of flow throughout the stone. The backsplashes have been similar color tones to the countertops….clean, white, glass, stone, mesh-back, etc.