Good morning Kansas City! What a nice spring morning it is with warm weather expectations for this weekend…that is great news. Great news for us as a company is that we have been selling a lot of vanities out of our remnants lately. It is a perfect time to update a bathroom with a new vanity top. Great weather brings family and friends over, which means they will have to use the bathroom sooner or later. Once they see that beautiful granite countertop, our customers can say they had the pleasure of working with Midwest Marble and Granite to get it fabricated and installed. Referral process has started.

To be honest, we have been selling a lot of vanities lately. To be completely honest, we still have a TON of material in our remnants to sell for more vanities. Basically, our parking lot is full of remnant material and we share a parking lot with other businesses….so we would love to sell more vanity countertops. If you are thinking about or wanting to update your vanity with a new countertop, give us a call to let us know you are on your way to look at some of our remnants. Bring a drawing with dimensions and what you want included as well (i.e. backsplash, vanity sink, edge profile, etc). We are normally here Monday through Friday 8am-5pm; however, there may be times where we are all at jobsites or customer’s houses. Just give us a call, if we are away from our location in Olathe, we normally have the phone calls forwarded to someone who is available to answer. If you need it, our phone number is 913-486-2247 and email is

In the meantime, enjoy the amazing weather that we have been and will be blessed with in the near future.