In this video, I’m going to explain to you how to properly seal your natural stone countertops. The specific sealer we like to use is Superior Stone Impregnator and we use this impregnator specifically because it absorbs deeper into the material to add extra protection from stains and scratches. 

Materials needed:


  1. Take 2 separate rags.
  2. With 1 of the rags, saturate it with the sealer.
  3. After you have that rag saturated, you will then take it and wipe down the entirety of the stone countertops, profile and backsplash included.
  4. Once you have the entire top saturated with your sealer, you’re going to wait a prolonged period of time. Refer to the instructions on the bottle as to how long to leave on the specific sealant you are using. 
  5. After that period of time, you will then take the dry rag and go back through and buff off all of the surface sealer you still see on your stone countertops. 
  6. Once you have all of that sealant wiped up and there’s no more residue, your countertops are sealed properly.