What is Quartzite?

Quartz Kitchen CountertopsThe material is a blend between quartzite and marble, so it creates a sort of marble look mixed with the durability of quartzite.

If you are unfamiliar with quartzite, let me fill you in on what you’ve been missing. Well, quartzite begins as a metamorphic rock consisting of pure quartz sandstone.

Basically, it is a great deal of quartz smashed together. Somewhere in the mining and processing of the material, it is turned into a countertop….sort of sounds like granite except it is pure quartz.

Quartzite was known to be mined generally in the USA and Canada but our new supplier ships it from Greece which makes it more unique.

If you want to know more about quartzite, visit our quartzite countertop installation page. To see quartzite color choices, visit our quartzite color choices page.

Quartzite Countertop Pros & Cons


The positive is that it looks phenomenal, very similar to marble.  It is also very durable and low maintenance. Quartzite is UV resistant so there is no chance of fading or discoloration.


Unfortunately, with all great countertops, there are cons as well as pros. The biggest drawback we know so far about this amazing material is it is prone to scratches. Quartzite is porous therefore it needs to be sealed.  Quartzite can be more costly. Quartzite This means that it could stain, scratch, and/or etch.

Midwest Quartzite Countertop Installation Service Area

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