Midwest Marble & Granite’s 2016 Trends

What was In

White, light colors were the most popular in 2016. This trend has been rolling for a while now. In 2015, we saw light colors go in waves with the dark colors throughout the year. However, last year it was the light colors that won the title. By light colors, we are talking about white quartz and granite colors. The most popular white quartz colors that we installed were from MS International’s Q Premium line of quartz. These colors included (but not limited to): Calacatta Vicenza, Iced White, Sparkling White, and Stellar White. You can view these colors as well as many, many others here.

The white, light color trend was also popular for the granite colors as well. Some of the favored granite colors that were chosen throughout the year included (again not limited to): Alaska White, Bianco Romano, Blanco Taupe, Snowfall, etc. The 2nd place winner would have to go to the light, brown/tan colors, such as Giallo Napolean, Giallo Verona, Venetian Ice, etc. All of these granite colors can be viewed on MS International’s website here.

If you want to get an idea of what the quartz or granite could look like with other mediums (i.e. tile, cabinet colors, floors, etc), please experiment with the kitchen visualizer on our site, located here. We encourage experimentation with the visualizer but beware that it may take some of your time since it is very interesting to see what the different cabinet colors look like with the diverse backsplash tile, flooring, and countertop choices.

What was Out

The dark colors were put on the back-burner for 2016. In previous years, we have seen them trending through the pipeline every few months and then the popularity would go back to the light colors. It seems as though the kitchens are being “brightened up” but with dark fixtures and accessories (i.e. oil-rubbed bronze cabinet hardware, faucets, and appliances). Please keep in mind that the dark colors of granite and quartz are still just as attractive as the light colors.

What is our Prediction for 2017

We predict that the white, light colors will still be the most popular. We also think that the “uncommon” and unique granite colors will be chosen more, such as Bordeaux colors and anything that looks like it is flowing from one side of the slabs to the other. These colors tend to be more expensive as well.

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