Do you need a stone countertop repaired?

Not many people know that we can complete granite repair work for countertops. In fact, we repair so many stone countertops in the Kansas City area that we opened a company called Kansas City Countertop Repair (or KCCR for short.)

To learn more about our stone countertop repair services, visit the KCCR website.

About Our Stone Countertop Repair Services

Granite repair work can be a little tricky and may take some time to complete depending on how much repair needs to be done.

Most stone countertop repairs can be performed on-location. On occasion, the repair may need to be completed in our shop instead. This may cut down on the cost of repairing the granite depending on how much fabrication time is needed to complete the repair.

Not All Granite Can Be Repaired

Regrettably, we cannot repair granite tops that are original to furniture pieces because those granite tops have been specifically manufactured for that furniture. Once it is damaged, there is really nothing we can do except fabricate a new piece of granite to replace the broken one.

We don’t install the granite onto the furniture either…we can simply just cut and fabricate the granite top.

Kansas City Countertop Repair has one of the best stone fabricators in Kansas City that can make a crack or chip nearly unnoticeable once he is finished.

Please visit our Kansas City Countertop Repair website to schedule a repair or learn more about our services.