A general idea of a day in the life of a fabricator in Kansas City. A fabricator (for MWM&G) cuts, fabricates, and installs granite countertops. Not many people know how fabricators work in a granite fabrication shop and every shop works differently than others. We thought it would be a good idea to provide a little insight in to what our fabrication shop does per project. First off, we would like to thank our fabricators for being so amazing at their trade skill. It really is a trade and a skill to be able to take a pretty looking rock and turn it into someone’s countertop. Much love to the fabricators.

So, basically our fabricators are presented with a coreplast (plastic) template and a slab or two of granite (or any other natural material that the customer has picked). Then, they gently place the slab on the saw table and lay the templates down on the slab to determine how to cut the granite. Once the granite is cut, it is moved to the fabrication tables. This is where the magic begins. In other words, this step is where the fabricators can fully utilize their skill and it can be seen in the edge profile, sink cutout, and polish.

Here at MWM&G, we do everything except cut (which the bridge saw does) by hand. We do not have machines that work the stone, we have fabricators. The reason we have it this way is because we pride ourselves in quality work. Right now, the fabricators are also the installers but since we are growing, that will soon change to the fabricators being the fabricators and installers being installers.

We may provide a little insight in to another part of Midwest Marble and Granite LLC in another post.