Midwest Marble & Granite LLC has been in business for 10 years!

10 years seems to fly by when you’re having fun…faster than they used to when things were more simple. When we reminisce about this realization, many things come to mind. There have been so many changes, goods, bads, laughs, cries, stresses (good and bad), upgrades, downgrades, phases, etc. We’re not sure if there is enough space to go into detail on this blog post but we plan to provide a well-rounded summary.


Changes come in all shapes and sizes here at MWMG. In the office, a new front desk was built in order to embrace anyone who wants to walk in and receive a quote as well as look at the different materials, choose a sample, and/or become part of the family. In the shop, we expanded to the space next door. Now we have more room for storage, fabrication, etc. We have welcomed some new and old faces to both the office and the shop in order to expand the work family. A new bridge saw was purchased in 2013 that has helped efficiently cut the stone (granite, quartz, marble, quartzite, limestone, etc) pieces that are needed for each project.


There have been so many positive memories, it would take a long time to list off each and every one of them. One of the things that makes us all smile and get excited about the past 10 years is looking at all the pictures of our clients’s finished projects that we contributed to. That is part of why we are so passionate about what we do. Secondly, we really enjoy working with each other in the office and the shop…we are basically one big, happy family.


Not to be a downer but like any other business…there are goods and bads. The worst bad thing that could happen in the shop is material breaking. Looking back, there have been less than a hand full (knock on wood) of projects where the material has broken in the shop. I don’t mean a small or medium piece falling and breaking. I’m talking about slabs breaking…you know, the slabs being a size of roughly 120x75ish. Ouch!


We laugh almost every day at Midwest Marble & Granite. Like I said earlier, we are family. Someone is always cracking a joke, doing a good deed, or being positive. We really enjoy working together and with our clients.

Cries & Stresses

It hasn’t happened in a while (knock on wood again) but mostly the cries happen when material gets broken. It’s one of those heart-sinking feelings, then comes the stress, and finally someone usually figures out what to do next. It’s ok to cry sometimes…right?!


In 2013, MWMG purchased a bridge saw to help cut the slabs more efficiently. This has helped tremendously in production. We still have the good old Blue Ripper. We have plans to make more purchases in the near future to create even more efficient production as well.


Again… not to be a downer, but there have been some downgrades too. Our staff (in the shop and office) are now down to the minimum family members that we would like. So if you know anyone who would be interested in working for Midwest Marble & Granite as a fabricator or installer, please call us at 913-486-2247 and/or email a resume over to midwestgranite@hotmail.com.


The phases we tend to go through are colors in materials. We are currently in a white granite phase where everyone wants the look of white marble but not the maintenance. We can definitely help with this phase. We are no longer in the tan/light brown phase or the dark colors phase either.

All-in-all, 10 years does fly by when you are having fun. Through all the changes and feelings we have gone through here at Midwest Marble & Granite, we wouldn’t have it any other way.