Good morning! Happy spring (and gloomy) day in Kansas City!

We have finally started to slow down after a 8 month busy season. There is light at the end of the tunnel. We forgot what it felt like to be able to schedule people 2-3 weeks out instead of 4-6 weeks. Please keep in mind, we are still having to schedule around the 4 week turnaround time from template to install for kitchens though. However, that is not the case for vanity selections from our remnants. Since we already have the material, the turnaround time is a little less than 4 weeks.

We are needing to do away with our granite remnant overload. We have done so much work these past 8 months that we are out of space to put our granite remnants. We have vanity-sized granite overload, so we will let it go cheap and give you free sinks with every vanity sink cutout that you have us do. This special does not include in-stock material. In-stock material is granite that could be used in a small kitchen, kitchen island, or really any part of the kitchen. The special is for vanity-sized remnants only and it will only last for a limited time.

Come see us today or call us to come out to your location and we will make you the most amazing kitchen countertop ever. If you are planning to come see us for a vanity, please call ahead of time to let us know. Also, it is helpful to bring a drawing or sketch to build the estimate and vanity top. On the drawing, include the length and width, which sides are touching a wall and which are the face, will granite backsplash be needed/wanted, and sink center(s). We can help with color choice, edge profile, and answer any questions. 913-486-2247