Midwest Marble & Granite’s Houzz Profile

What is Houzz?

Houzz is a great new(ish) website that not only provides ideas for remodeling, decorating, and home design but has evolved into purchasing home furnishings as well as contacting professionals to help with any project (big or small). The site was created by a husband and wife in California who just bought a house and could not find any help in remodeling or decorating ideas online. Houzz was built to help homeowners get inspiration and it is now helping homeowners do so much more.

One of the issues we hear from homeowners is that it is difficult to visualize what the final product will look like. Here at MWMG, it is easier for us to see what the end product will look amazing based on our expertise and experience. We like to provide resources to our clients so that they can get a better idea of what their dream kitchen, bathroom, etc. will look like. That is part of the reason we have an outstanding relationship with Houzz. There are many more people going online to get inspiration and both Houzz and MWMG want to provide the best tools to go from an idea to a reality.

How can Houzz and MWMG help with a project?

There are at least 3 different ways that MWMG can help with a project just by using the Houzz website.

  • The first is messaging. We can communicate with homeowners and/or contractors through the Houzz website.
  • The second is projects. MWMG has posted 16 projects that showcases previous projects that we have worked on. We still have many more projects to showcase. This part of Houzz gives homeowners a look at the quality of our workmanship, the type of projects we can complete, and the size of projects we work with as well.
  • The third is ideabooks. This part of Houzz is our favorite because we can put together ideabooks (public or private) to share ideas of what the end product could look like. It helps MWMG communicate with our clients what we think will look great for the project and it helps our clients communicate with us what they want the finished project to look like. It is a great collaboration tool that creates a channel of communication we didn’t have before.
Houzz Recognition

Midwest Marble & Granite has received some of the best recognition’s that Houzz has to offer.


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