Yay! Your new granite countertops have been installed and it’s time to show them off! In this article, we will cover a few points of consideration after installation.

Sealing Granite Countertops

One of the most common things people forget to do is seal granite countertops after they are installed. Granite countertops require sealing so that they can be protected from moisture. For example, spilled water will pool on top of the countertop instead of absorbing into the granite.


About 85% of the time, a customer will replace their existing tile backsplash when purchasing granite countertops. Once granite is installed with existing tile backsplash, it can make the tile look even more outdated than it already did in most cases.

After the granite tile backsplash has been installed, you may notice that the grout line between the bottom row of the tile and the granite countertop is starting to separate. Don’t freak out. This is normal. It just means that the countertop has settled.

To fix the separation between a granite tile backsplash and the granite countertop, get a color-matching (from the grout) caulk from your local home improvement store and run a bead of caulk along the line that has separated.

Do’s & Don’ts Post Granite Countertop Installation

Try to not spill any wines or citric acids on the granite (whether it’s resined or porous) as there is a chance it may leave a spot. Yes, you can cut food directly onto the granite but there is a chance your knives will dull. Do NOT absolutely do not use Lime-Away on stone countertops.

To clean your counters, just use soap, water, and a cloth/rag. If you need to get hard water spots off of the surface, use a razor blade (be extra careful when handling this). Hold the blade at an angle and scrap the water spots off.

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