Welcome to our Annual End of Summer Stone Remnant Sale!

So Many Stone Remnants to Choose From

Stone Remnants Sale - Kansas CityFrom granite to quartz, our remnants are taking over our lot!

Our boneyard has so many colors to choose from right now. There are so many A-frames of granite in our parking lot that we are losing places to park. Some of the dark colors include Uba Tuba, Absolute Black, Verde Butterfly, Verde Peacock, Tan Brown, etc. Some of the light colors include Santa Cecilia, Tiger Skin White, Antique Gold, Luna Pearl, etc.

Currently, the remnant pieces we have are in all shapes and sizes because they are pieces that are left over from kitchen projects that have been completed.

First come, first serve so get here now!

How much do stone remnants cost?

Nick (the owner) has unleashed dirt-cheap pricing this month for vanities as well as any other smaller project where a surface may be placed.

For example, we installed a 36″ vanity with a sink and granite backsplash for $200.

To give you an idea of how low that pricing is, it was below our cost of the original material. The pricing will be determined by how big the piece will need to be, the color choice, installation or pick up, sink choice, etc.

Remnants are PERFECT for Smaller Projects

We also have some remnant slabs available to complete small kitchens as well as large vanities at a great price. To get an idea of the quality work that we produce, please see our gallery here.

If you are looking to complete a project that is on a small-scale, please contact us at 913-486-2247 and/or midwestgranite@hotmail.com.