Video Transcript:

In this video, I will be explaining the sink mounting process. The first step that goes into the sink mounting process is laying a bead of silicone around the perimeter of the sink for waterproofing.

Once he has that bead of silicone all around the perimeter of the sink, he will then clamp the sink to bring it up to the bottom of the material or countertop.

Once he has the sink mounted to the bottom of the stone, he will then go around and move it side to side and front to back to insure the overhang on the inside of the sink is equal all the way around.

Once it’s equal all the way around, with an equal overhang, he’s then going to take the clips and mount them to the grooves underneath and it will keep the stone mounted to the bottom of the material. Once he has all 6 of those clips in there, the sink is ready to go and he’ll drop the sink and you’ll have a mounted sink.