Design Ideas

Are you thinking about a remodel but you're not ready to pull the trigger or the bank account is not ready to pull the trigger? We have some resources to help for when you are ready to take the first step. Based on recent experience within the last year, we have become very acquainted with Read More »

Did You Know? Quartz Facts (Part 1)

Did you know quartz comes in various different colors? Quartz isn't just a clear or white mineral. It is fairly diverse in colors including (but not limited to): pink, purple, green, brown, yellow, and red. In order to intensify the colors though, heat is applied to the gemstone. Did you know quartz is not just Read More »


Our remnant pieces are in high supply right now. We have all different sizes and colors to purchase, whether it be for a small kitchen or a large vanity. Also, we have a few sale racks for the smaller vanities. If you are thinking about updating a room in your house and don't want to Read More »