Granite Countertops – Kansas City Area

We hope that everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. There is nothing like sitting around a table of delicious proportions with family and friends giving thanks for the year's past, present, and future. Even better...there's nothing like preparing the once-a-year meal on granite countertops. I know it sounds a little ridiculous but it really does make a Read More »

Granite Countertops and the Temperature

Here in Kansas City, the outside temperature is starting to get colder and colder as we near Thanksgiving. Crazy...I know. What is even crazier is that there is a correlation between granite countertops and temperature. What?! Here is part of the correlation. Granite has a natural temperature because it is a natural stone or material. Read More »

Did you know? Soapstone Facts (Part 1)

Did you know that the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil is partly made out of soapstone? The statue sits on a stone base and is made out of reinforced concrete attired with many triangular soapstone tiles. That's fairly impressive considering the statue is 98 feet tall and was completed in 1931. Thus far, it has Read More »

Granite Selection – Kansas City

Fabricating granite countertops in Kansas City is what we do, it's what we are known for, and it's why our customers love us. We love you too customers. You are the reason we are in business and why we love doing what we do. With that being said, we highly recommend that the granite selection Read More »

Design Ideas

Are you thinking about a remodel but you're not ready to pull the trigger or the bank account is not ready to pull the trigger? We have some resources to help for when you are ready to take the first step. Based on recent experience within the last year, we have become very acquainted with Read More »