Kansas City Granite Fabricators and Installers

Midwest Marble + Granite + Quartz utilizes the latest technology in templating and custom fabrication plus over a decade of experience to provide the most accurate installation in the shortest amount of time.

Granite is becoming more affordable than it ever has been in the past. It is supplied in an abundance of color choices and there are no two identical slabs. Our suppliers in the Johnson County and Kansas City area can transport granite slabs from quarries all over the world.

There are many advantages to granite, which include:

  • Considered the hardest natural stone
  • Durability
  • Heat resistant (not heatproof)
  • Scratch resistant (not scratch proof)
  • Increasing surface finishes (i.e. polished, honed, leathered, etc.)

How much do granite countertops cost to install?

The level of price depends on which color is chosen (darker shades tends to be higher in cost), the grade of the granite, the amount of countertop square footage, the style of edging you choose, and the granite thickness.  It also depends on where the granite was mined and how difficult it was to transport.

Call 913-486-2247 or schedule online for your free in-home estimate with Midwest Marble and Granite today to get a fair and accurate granite countertop installation price.

How long do granite countertops take to install?

A typical granite countertop installation can take anywhere from 4-8 hours to install.

How should I prepare my kitchen for the installation of new granite countertops?

The day before or the morning of the installation date, you should entirely clear everything off the countertops. The cabinets should also be cleared out. If you have plastic storage tubs with lids, this works best. It is not necessary to clear out the upper cabinets.

What is the granite countertop installation process?

On the day of your installation, you will receive a call from your installer upon arrival to your home. The first step will be to remove the existing countertops. Next, the new countertops will be brought in and the installer will make sure the new countertops will be a perfect fit. Finally, the countertops are permanently attached to the cabinets and the sink/faucet is installed. Once everything has been installed and checked for quality, the countertops are cleaned and sealed.

After the installation is completed and your area is cleaned, we will invite you to take a look at your new granite countertops. We will answer any questions you might have about the installation, care, and cleaning.

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