Here in Kansas City, the outside temperature is starting to get colder and colder as we near Thanksgiving. Crazy…I know. What is even crazier is that there is a correlation between granite countertops and temperature. What?!

Here is part of the correlation. Granite has a natural temperature because it is a natural stone or material. Most of the time, it will be cooler to the touch but the granite sustains the room temperature and radiates the temperature throughout the kitchen, bathroom, or whichever room the granite countertop is located in. If you have granite countertops, you’ll probably notice that it is not drafty in that room.

The other part of the correlation is that granite can take in temperature as well. A scolding hot pat/pan, a batch of chocolate chip cookies, a cold glass of water…these are all things that change a countertop’s temperature. For example, when we bake cookies at home, I take them straight off of the baking sheet and put them on the granite to cool down. This makes it really easy to snatch on the way out of the kitchen as well by the way. The granite goes back to it’s room temperature eventually but it will take a while to get back there. Once it is heated or cooled to an intense condition (especially at a fast pace), it will be at that temperature for some time before it goes back to it’s usual climate.

Please keep in mind that there are a handful of granite colors that are porous…so we do not recommend cooling a batch of cookies on it (notably if the granite hasn’t been sealed). You will most likely want to put down a pot holder or something of the like to make sure the heat doesn’t leave anything on the granite. Most granite colors have a resin poured over them though to help protect and polish the stone.