What a great day here in Kansas City?! The sun is shining and the temperature will be above 70 degress (let’s be honest, after the blizzard-winter we had, this is amazing). Plus, it’s Friday!!! We are in great spirits here at Midwest Marble & Granite and then we stumble upon a badge on our Home Advisor Pro site. The day just keeps getting better and better. Badges are good. Good reviews are even better. It shows that our customers love us as much as we love them. So, go ahead and review on. Reading them is exciting, getting a badge from our good reviews…well. That’s just awesome!

If you do not know what Home Advisor is then let me explain. Home Advisor is a site where people who are looking to remodel/update any part of their home can find professionals (like us) to help them complete their project. It does not cost anything to go online, fill out the form, and receive a list of contractors who are qualified to complete the project; however, the contractors do have to pay for the leads that they receive. If you would like a quote from us specifically or need to contact us with any questions, please contact us directly at 913-486-2247 and/or midwestgranite@hotmail.com.

Anywho…back to the badge. We are honored to be awarded with a top rated badge for countertops in the Kansas City area. Thank you Home Advisor and customers for recognizing us as a top countertop contractor. We take what we do seriously and our hard work is shown through everything that we do. If you want to visually see the badge, here you go. It’s pretty.

Midwest Marble & Granite, LLC is Top Rated in <Location>