A lot of times we will get phone calls from people who are trying to decide which stone material to choose. They have already decided that they want to update their countertops but have not established which stone material to embrace. More often than not, the two main options are quartz or granite. There are pros and cons to both based on different people’s perceptions. What may be a pro to one person, could be a con to another. We have a great section on our website that describes the various different stone materials that we work with (which include quartz, granite, guartzite, marble, soapstone, etc.) Check it out here.

Recently, we read an article that says quartz is now the number 1 chosen stone material for countertops.  We fabricate more granite than any other material currently. Both materials are known for their durability. Both can also be stain and heat resistant…not proof. Please keep in mind that there is always a possibility of a material getting a stain or heat damage. Nothing is fool proof. As the fabricators, we can educate customers on which material or color choice is susceptible to stains, scratches, heat, etc.

Of course, there are other natural materials to choose for countertops, such as soapstone, limestone, travertine, quartzite, marble, and onyx. Soapstone is really great natural material in that the talc creates a soft/silky feeling to the surface. It can scratch but mineral oil can make the scratch less noticeable (or if you don’t have mineral oil, the scratch will become less noticeable over time). Limestone gets better with age but it is known to be porous like marble. Marble can be easily scratched, etched, and stained but it aesthetically looks sharp. Travertine can also scratch, etch, and stain  as well (this material will need to be regularly sealed).