The day has come…a new era has spoken…and by popular demand…a new countertop material has been chosen as the best countertop for a busy kitchen. The leader has been an up-and-coming contender for many years now. You may all recognize the name of the material and may be familiar with the different name brands of the material. Some of the name brands include Silestone, Ceasarstone, Vorona, Samsung, etc. The current champion that has been crowned (very recently) is know as quartz. We are talking about the man made, heat-resistant, stain resistant, scratch resistant quartz. Notice that we said resistant instead of proof on the benefits of the material because heat proof, stain proof, and scratch proof is crazy….it’s still a natural material in a way and anything could happen in a worse case scenario.

Granite is in a very close second place to the quartz. Granite has been the reining champ for many years and our prediction is that it will stay in one of the top two spots for many years to come. Soapstone, limestone, and marble take third place with laminate and solid surface finishing out the top five choices. The list actually goes to the seventh spot, so we’ll add that the sixth spot goes to recycled glass and the seventh goes to butcher block. If you were to ask for my opinion on what I would do for my house, I would say use a combination of different materials (i.e. butcher block and granite or quartz and soapstone) in one room like the kitchen or a bar area. We think a little out of the box here at MWM&G though…we like what some would call imperfections and what sets a stone piece apart from another.

We’ve been waiting for the day that quartz would take the number one spot based on talk within the industry…that day has come.